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Federal budget will have little impact on property investors

May 11, 2018


The 2018-19 federal budget had no measures that specifically addressed housing supply and affordability, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). “Whereas housing affordability was a centre piece of the 2017 budget, there was nothing in this year’s budget that directly addressed this,” said Malcolm Gunning, president of REIA. “It was, however, pleasing […]

Should you rent back your new home to the seller?

November 20, 2017


During property transactions, sometimes the seller hasn’t found anywhere else to live by the time they sign on the dotted line. One of the most common solutions to this situation is renting back the property to them for a period of time, but is it a good idea? Property Pursuit director and buyers’ agent Meighan […]

How to increase the value of your home in one weekend

October 26, 2017


Increasing the value of your property pre-sale doesn’t have to require a team of professionals. Just one weekend dedicated to cleaning, refreshing, tidying and upgrading can put you in great stead for sales success. We asked the experts to reveal the best value-adding DIY projects to suit a short time frame and shoestring budget. Refresh […]

What your property manager should be doing for you

October 24, 2017


 A property manager is responsible for just three major things: finding you a tenant, collecting the cash and carrying out regular inspections. Right? Wrong, says Emma Gordon, who runs the property management division at Harcourts Victoria. She says property managers – or at least the good ones – now carry out tasks far beyond that. […]

Starting afresh: Why spring is a game-changer for Griffith and Leeton’s property market

September 1, 2017


Spring is here, and with it the urge to re-emerge from Griffith and Leeton’s winter hibernation and start over afresh. That’s when we begin thinking about spring-cleaning our lives, and embracing change – in both how and where we live. “The seasons have a real impact on our lives, our moods and our thoughts, and […]

Tricky living rooms: What to do if your living room is out of the norm

August 10, 2017


In living rooms – just as in life – the perfect shape may well be the ideal, but the reality for most is anything but perfection. And, hey, perfection can be boring. Many rooms don’t conform to the rectangular norm (think sloping roofs and strange angles), but they still need to be furnished with all […]

Is an interest-only loan worth it or something to avoid?

May 30, 2017


A new Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) crackdown on interest-only lending has shined a light on a loan product popular with hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders. But are interest-only loans as bad as the regulator would have us believe or are they a useful wealth creation tool? It depends, according to the experts. Interest-only loans […]

How to buy property in the United States: 4 tips for Australian home shoppers

May 18, 2017


Maybe you fell in love with a new city while on holiday in the US. Maybe you’re itching for a new experience. Or maybe, after observing the American dream from afar, you’ve decided to pursue it for yourself. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to move to the land of opportunity. But the prospect of navigating a […]

Plenty of houses in one street for sale: It’s not always a bad thing

May 2, 2017


Rows of for sale signs in the one street may not create the best first impression. But it’s not as bad as you think. A plethora of real estate boards is a sure sign of high price growth, says Josh Rowe, chief executive of property price prediction firm realAs. “The volume of sales in a particular […]

Why first home buyers are jumping straight into property investment

April 25, 2017


It has been increasingly difficult for first home buyers to get their foot on the property ladder over the past year especially in the booming property markets of Sydney and Melbourne. According to the latest CoreLogic figures, the median price of a home in Sydney during the year ending March 2017 surged by a massive […]

Things around your home you should test drive

April 24, 2017


Shannon Bennett is one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs. He’s an advocate for quality appliances and stresses the importance of investing in a good oven, cooktop and refrigerator. Bennett, who is the owner of a multi-million dollar hospitality empire that includes Vue de monde and Burnham Beeches, is also a mentor for […]

Home renovations on the rise for Generation Y

April 20, 2017


More than three-quarters of Australian home owners have been renovating or are considering renovating, with Generation Y the most likely to renovate, according to Westpac’s Home Ownership report. The report reveals that 76 per cent of those have been considering renovating, 20 per cent are in the process of renovating and 70 per cent have renovated […]

The 7 rules of bidding at auction

April 18, 2017


There is no magic potion to take away the nerves, and if the truth be told, even experienced advocates get a rush of adrenaline when the auction pre-amble comes to a close and the auctioneer calls for an opening bid. There are seven main ingredients though which can make all the difference to the bidders’ […]

Do you have enough money to invest in real estate?

April 13, 2017


New investors are always asking how much money they need to buy a property, but there’s no one-size-fits-all with real estate. Domain spoke to some of the leading property buying experts to find out what they would recommend when getting started. The size of the deposit and costs The most significant consideration for most first-time […]

How to spot the dream tenant as a landlord

April 12, 2017


Once they’re living in your place, it’s dead easy to spot a bad tenant. They’re usually the ones paying late, causing havoc with the neighbours, treating your place like a tip or demanding endless costly repairs. In short, making your life – and your property manager’s life – hell. But if you can select a great […]

Ways to use the equity in your home

April 9, 2017


Almost 80 per cent of Australian home owners believe the equity in their home can be used as part of their retirement plan, according to research commissioned by Westpac. The ‘Home Ownership Report’ was conducted by Lonergan Research in September 2015. It surveyed 1115 Australian home owners with home loans (AHHL) and shows that more […]

How to build a property portfolio from scratch

April 6, 2017


Fancy yourself with two, three, four or more properties to your name? With plenty of research, the right strategy and a little luck, you might get there. We take a look at four of the most common property investment styles, and ask the experts what it takes to succeed at each. The ‘rentvestor’ Rentvesting – […]

5 ways investors could be saving millions in tax dollars

April 4, 2017


A national tax depreciation company has released a list of the five common mistakes investors make which could be greatly impacting their tax returns. According to BMT Tax Depreciation, which has worked with over 400,000 Australian property investors, there are millions of dollars in unclaimed tax that investors are missing out on every year. 1. […]

The five different types of property investors, from the Block-inspired DIYer to the young gun

March 28, 2017


As it turns out, not all property investors are the same. While buying property is one thing they all have in common, that’s where the similarities can end. Every type of investor has a different approach to real estate; Some are hungry to make the big bucks off a town that’s just about to hit the map, while […]

The design trends that buyers can’t get enough of

March 23, 2017


Scroll through online real estate listings and you’ll notice some homes have it, some homes don’t. Precisely what this elusive “it” is can vary from place to place and style to style. Broadly speaking, it’s the real estate equivalent of fairy dust, sprinkled by home designers, stagers and stylists to make their clients’ properties stand […]